Tuesday, February 14, 2012

good people skills


im pretty sure that you are a good people...!yess.. believe in me..!
why???because i think you have desire to know how to be a good people...and its brings you here,reading this post..rite? Islam is encourage us to always have a good intention and gives rewards for it even though we didnt do it yet. Subhanallah....!so...what are you waiting for?lets improves ourself day by day..and time by time...insyallah!

1. Smile =)

2. Use good manners

3. Acknowledge others

4. use greetings

5. Use people's names

6. Look at people when talking

7. listen

8. Accept differences

9. Respect opinions of others

10. give compliments

sounds easy...muahaha...keep trying..!

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