Saturday, October 13, 2012



adik.aku ada seorang sahaja adik.  17 years ago i always pray for a brother..akhirnya doa aku dimakbulkan. i was really happy...!  he's a cute baby ever.  until at one time i realised he was not a baby any more and turn into a super duper annoying boy.  we started quarrel almost everyday..!

one day i told abah that i hate abdillah so much.  and it was a stupid idea.. kena marah balik daa.....
abah:  kau kena ingat..nanti kau dah tua...dia lah yang jaga kau...

^_^ i want to believe that he can take care of me. nahh..i dont think what he had done to me..
if possible i dont want to rely on anybody..bukan nak buat sombong ke perr...just to ensure that i am not disappointed by others.  especially from those i love.

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